Art Direction: Tree Creative Room.
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    About TREE

    tree: noun \ˈtrē\
    : a usually tall plant that has a thick, wooden stem and many large branches
    : a drawing that connects things with lines to show how they are related to each other

    Just like the roots sense soil water and branch to it to nourish the TREE, we sense the communication channels required to reach the right audience for your organisation. Let us help you put together your Marketing and Advertising Activities, define and develop your Personal and Business Branding Strategies, present innovative CSR events, inspired Content Writing and Artistic Websites and Books and manage your inventive Social Media Campaigns.


    Tree Creative Room and its experienced Team and Associates are more than just buzzwords and clichés. We create well-though-out and well-executed marketing plans and campaigns tailored to your individual needs.


    No matter how Good you are, there is always Room for improvement.

    The TREEs

    • Costas Harpas
      Managing Director
      Costas Harpas
      Managing Director

      Our Managing Director is an incurable rational sensitive dreamer, passionate writer and creative marketer, and of course an eternal optimist. As a young entrepreneur, he works with untiring zeal and care for his clients’ projects, whilst being always on the lookout for opportunities to improve as to adequately meet the demands of today’s challenging market.


      With an experience of 17 years in big organisations and companies, an educational background of management, finance, banking and marketing and having published 2 books, 2 fairytales and more than 50 articles, he definitely knows what the words creation, deadline and perfectionism are all about.


      He conducts himself with integrity and live Tree Creation Room’s values on a daily basis. Confidentiality, support, reliability, fresh ideas and respect are what only a few of the characteristics that set Costas apart from his competitors.

    • Demetris Modestou
      Executive Assistant
      Demetris Modestou
      Executive Assistant

      Our Executive Assistant is the right-hand of the Managing Director. As our Art Director, Demetris is in charge of the overall visual appearance of our clients and ensures the smooth operation of the administrative functions of our office.


      During his career, he achieved honours for his maximum performance in Creativity and Imagination. He was involved in different Marketing Campaigns in the European Space, all of them surrounded by his favourite world called Marketing. 


      His passion for traveling and visiting places around the world, allowed him to grow roots of knowledge and be able to see behind the lines and think outside the box. 


      Coordination and creation is what he does best. Young, fiery and charismatic, he combines both his marketing and graphic design studies with a great success.

    • Praxiteles The Mouse
      Praxiteles The Mouse

      Our Coordinator, Praxiteles the Mouse, was a gift from a very good friend & client of Tree, Thalia Michaelides, who is also his godmother. Ever since he first came to Tree Creative Room he has been inseparable from the rest of the Team.


      Praxiteles is very good at brainstorming, coming up with exceptional ideas and coordinating the administrative aspect of the Company. He likes to participate in videos and photographs and of course in the previous life he must definitely have been a model or an actor.

    The FOREST

    The measure of our success is the growing number of satisfied customers. We have been fortunate enough to work with a great variety of clients for an even greater variety of exclusive and confidential projects both in Cyprus and abroad. See below examples from some of our projects.