Art Direction: Tree Creative Room.
Developed by Extend Media

    Da Noi: The “Every House. Every Door. Every Window.” Campaign

    The TREEs / April 20, 2016 / TREE Campaigns

    Spring Stories. Summer Stories. Window Stories.

    This the brand new Social Media Summer Campaign created by Tree Creative Room just for Da Noi!

    [Panoramah! Windows Info: The purpose of the panoramic window is to consider the cut-out made in a façade as a direct link between solid spaces and voids, to allow an objective interactivity between interior and exterior that fulfils the premise so dear to both the Modernist and Minimalist movements; namely, the desire to frame Nature without manipulating it or disturbing the perception of it.]

    Concept Idea & Art Direction: Tree Creative Room

    More Info: Da Noi Facebook Page

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