Art Direction: Tree Creative Room.
Developed by Extend Media

    Da Noi: The “Every House. Every Door. Every Window.” Campaign

    The TREEs / April 20, 2016 / TREE Campaigns
    Spring Stories. Summer Stories. Window Stories. This the brand new Social Media Summer Campaign created by Tree Creative Room just for Da Noi! [Panoramah! Windows Info: The purpose […]

    Window: The “Opening Soon” Campaign

    The TREEs / April 19, 2016 / TREE Campaigns
    Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others. – Anna Wintour Tree Creative Room proudly presents… a new beginning! Window is a […]

    My World By Maria Vashiotou: The “Premiere” Campaign

    The TREEs / April 18, 2016 / TREE Campaigns
    Tree Creative Room proudly presents the My World by Maria Vashiotou website and more! World… Hold On! This is Her World! Welcome! Everyday remind yourself that You are the […]

    Dr Zenonos – The Dental Clinic: The “Health & Beauty Expo” Campaign

    The TREEs / April 14, 2016 / TREE Campaigns
    “Have you ever imagined how your new smile will look like before you even sit in the dental chair?” Now, there is a way! Smile Designer Dr. Michalis […]

    Emblem Collection: The “Ten Rules” Campaign

    The TREEs / April 10, 2016 / TREE Campaigns
    The Emblem Collection reveals the ‘10 Rules to Successful Property Investment’ on ‪#‎InformationWednesdays‬. If the term ‘Highly effective real estate investor’ is of appeal to you, stay tuned, […]

    KYFA – HIV / AIDS Support Center: The “Voices Conference” Campaign

    The TREEs / April 9, 2016 / TREE Campaigns
    While AIDS is a high-risk disease, it can be prevented if proper precautions are taken and greater awareness meted out to those who are ignorant of the virus […]

    Dr. Zenonos – The Dental Clinic: The “This Is Our Smile” News (Episode 1)

    The TREEs / April 8, 2016 / TREE News
    In a Dental Clinic full of Smiles… let them introduce themselves! “My name is Michalis Zenonos and I am a Smile Designer. Dentistry is my passion and through […]

    Emblem Collection: The “Motivation Monday Quotes” Campaign

    The TREEs / April 8, 2016 / TREE Campaigns
    Success only means one thing for EMBLEM; to thrive in creating “Status Symbol” properties suitable for your ultimate Lifestyle and become the frontrunner of an exclusive and unique […]