Art Direction: Tree Creative Room.
Developed by Extend Media

    Emblem Collection: The “Emblem Branding” Campaign

    The TREEs / March 15, 2016 / TREE Campaigns

    We are so proud and happy to present the Emblem Collection Branding Campaign!

    The EMBLEM vision

    With a vision to create the exceptional and a passion for quality and elegance, the EMBLEM Collection was founded by Belinda Apostolou who graduated from King’s College London and was later awarded her Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development.

    It is the director’s ultimate wish to dominate the local market by developing “Status Symbol” properties and ensure a solid and unrivalled name in excellence.

    Success only means one thing for EMBLEM; to thrive in creating “Status Symbol” properties suitable for your ultimate Lifestyle and become the frontrunner of an exclusive and unique experience that can only be qualified as the ultimate Lifestyle concept.

    Concept Idea & Art Direction: Tree Creative Room

    More Info:

    The Emblem Collection Facebook Page

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